RPGaDay: Ideal game room

Welcome to the penultimate RPGaDay, hosted by BrigadeCon. Today’s question is: Describe the ideal game room if your budget were unlimited.

RPGaDay 2016

With unlimited budget, I can easily go wild with my ultimate game room. I’ll definitely go into the fanciful. This game room will be to give an eclectic gamer like I a wide experience.

The game room will have a library with every book and game product for all the games that ever was and ever will. I will have them in various formats. I’ll have the original physical format, the digital format, and a format which makes the book either easy for reference or to learn depending which the original lacks. This library will be constantly organized with a GPS system to direct you to the right play to get the game you wish to play.

The size of the gaming space would be fully and utterly malleable. You could fit a small group to having a huge convention within the space. Additionally, the space could be modified to fit the group’s taste and needs. If you are holding a convention and a group wishes a private space for their game then the location can provide it. The group requires accessibility tools then the location generates it. All the needs of groups would be provided.

The space would an inclusive space but won’t include everyone. Those who hate or wish to discriminate folks or even bully then won’t be invited. The hater will be excluded. This is meant to be a place to play games and have fun. A place where if there’s a game you enjoy, you will find it. On the slim chance that the game you wish to play has no one who wants to play then you will get highly advanced artificial intelligences to play with you. Mind you, the game will will try to bring you to a group to play the game you want. How does it it do that?

This ideal game room will occupy all points in time in a simultaneous and individualistic way. When you enter the room, it will bring you to the temporal point where others who wish to play. You can play as long as you like and when you get out, no time has passed for you since you are brought to the same time as you left. What about your own personal time? The room moves very fast in space to be able to occupy everywhere so everyone’s personal time is slowed to a standstill. Thus you are practically immortal while within the room. And due to the timing to play games, you may play with your past or future self.

That would be my ideal and fanciful game room. What is yours? Is yours more grounded in the current reality? Will it allow you to play ALL THE GAMES?




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