RPGaDay: Location, location, location!

Today, on day 29 of RPGaDay, hosted by BrigadeCon, we look at locations: If you could host a game anywhere on Earth, where would that be?

RPGaDay 2016

My first instinct is wherever my friends are. They are a fun group and we can have fun times. Now, let’s make them mobile and move them to anywhere on Earth.

There’s a popular Canadian line from a TV show known as The Friendly Giant which says “Look up! Look way up!” but for my location, you’d have to reverse that. You’d have to look down but not underground rather under the surface of the water. You’d have to look in the ocean for one of those underwater locations with a large mirror in the back where you can see the ocean life.

I enjoy underwater life. As a youth, I was fascinated with Jacques Cousteau and his undersea adventures. I loved looked at the undersea pictures. As I grew older, I still maintained this attraction to undersea life. One of my favourite anime is Nadia: Secret of Blue Water which involves Atlantis, Captain Nemo and his Nautillus. For rpgs, I’ve run and enjoyed Terra Incognita where you follow the NAGS (National Archaeological Geographical and Submarine) Society where they travel underwater to various locations to resolve issues of the secret world.


I’m still fascinated with Atlantis. In fact, I have notes for a Terra Incognita campaign where Atlantis and their descendants are involved. I would love to run such a campaign in the a large chamber with a glass ceiling and windows with a Geek Chic table. Maybe one day but for now it shall be a dream.

Where would you host a game? What game would you play?


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