RPGaDay: Hobbies match

On day 26 of RPGaDay, hosted by BrigadeCon, the question was: What hobbies go well with RPGs?

RPGaDay 2016

As rpgs are a creative pursuit, they go well with other creative hobbies. You can gain alot for your rpg by consuming and creating media of various types.

When you spend time reading, you get ideas and inspiration for your game. You get to witness characters and see story structure. Story structure is important in rpgs and every genre has their own twists on structure. Additionally, you will get to read the tropes for the genre you play. If you are like me, you enjoy a variety of genres and wish to try different games. I find it worthwhile to try reading a variety of genres and material. It helps widen your breadth of knowledge to bring into a game.

Another media which helps with rpgs are movies and TV shows. You will get a different thing from a movie compared to a TV show. Most movies are done in 2 hours and you get a complete story. This gives you ideas on how to structure a one-shot or convention scenario. For TV series, as they usually have recurring characters, you get structure for doing campaigns which can either be episodic or with a continuing story through the campaign.

Writing is a great hobby which mixes well in rpgs. You get to develop characters for use in your games. You can details events which happened. You can even add to your setting with historical titbits. If you enjoy poetry, you can write songs, poems, or prophesies which add culture to your games. For contemporary games, you can delve into journalistic writing to help provide hooks.

Drawing and cartography are useful creative hobbies in rpgs. They can help provide handouts for the group. Other crafts can help you create stuff to give to your group as inspiration.

If you are a foodie, you can find meals which evokes cultures in your rpg setting. You’d be able to organize feasts for your group and get them in the proper atmosphere. Another hobby to help atmosphere is music. Listening to music can be very relaxing and inspire your games.

In conclusion, rpgs covers a wide area. Almost any hobby can be found some way to help your games, however minor.

What hobbies do you have? How does it help your games?


One thought on “RPGaDay: Hobbies match

  1. Eric,

    That’s a good thought about meals that evoke the cultural setting of the rpg that one is playing. I can see this working very nicely, under most circumstances. But I draw the line at pickled eel or any octopus dishes! 🙂

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