RPGaDay: Recurring random events

It is day 22 of RPGaDay, hosted by BrigadeCon, and the question is: What are some random events in your games that keep happening?

RPGaDay 2016
I can’t think of a random event which keeps occurring in my games. I enjoy tables of random stuff to get inspiration for games. I find them a useful tool when you have a block. From what I recall, I get different results when I repeatedly use a table.

One thing which I find important to use tables is to review the options. If there’s an element which you don’t want then you remove it. Personalize the table to fit your group and game. Once you have the table how you find acceptable then you roll and use whatever results the roll gives you. I use that approach because it practically eliminates fudging die rolls.

My philosophy in games is that dice are bad decision makers. If you roll the die and then fudge the roll then I question why you rolled the dice to begin with. If I want to roll the dice, I make sure than the group is fine with the various possible results. If we feel that a certain like a group of mobsters wouldn’t make sense to show up in the middle of the scene then we remove it from the table. This applies to effects like injuries, mental illnesses or even death.

How do you use random tables in your game? Any fun stories?


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