RPGaDay: Funny rulings

On day 21, we explore the funny side of rule interpretation for RPGaDay, hosted by BrigadeCon. Today’s question: What was the funniest misinterpretation of a game rule in your group?

RPGaDay 2016

I had to think about it in order to figure out a situations. When you play in silly fun ways, you get into plenty of ridiculous situations. I remember a game for April Fools where the adventurers had to get a vial of liquid evil before their enemies did. You wonder what liquid evil, right? Well, in the plane of ice, it can get so cold that even concepts freeze. I postulated a great evil was defeated there and its evil was frozen. An entrepreneur mined it and brought it to a planar in liquid vial. Over the years, it was sold, stolen, etc. until it wound up in this dungeon. Consuming the liquid will turn you evil and Force Of Evil Spellcasters (FOES) wanted to get in order to put in a town’s water supply as a recruitment plan.

During the game, one player who character had the vial in their hand decided to throw it onto the monsters they were fighting, an orc and two giant rats. The vial broke and the liquid gave those 3 months immense evil power and thus making them the most powerful evil beings in the setting. They left to go plot evil schemes. We ended that one shot special April Fools adventurer there. A ridiculous idea but not truly a misinterpretation of the rules.

I’ll broaden the category to all types of games. When Brenda, Hany, and I were learning Arkham Horror, we misinterpreted an essential rule which made our initial experience quite different than intended. Arkham Horror is a board game where you take the role of investigator trying to stop terrible beings from being summoned. It is one of those rpg in a box games. It is a game that lies in the grey area between board game and rpg.


The rule we misinterpreted is what a player does on their turn. We thought that on their turn, a player executes all the phases.  We though they would upkeep, move, have an encounter, and then draw a mythos card. Afterwards, the next player would repeat the same phases. The game went fast. We would finish a about an hour. It was highly challenging and we found it challenging to close all the gates to win before the Ancient One gets summoned. We still enjoyed the game. It is only after playing several games and we packed up that we reread the round order rules and realised that everyone does each phase around the same time.

What funny situations happened in your games?


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