RPGaDay: Innovation

Today’s RPGaDay question was a tough one: What innovation could RPG groups gain the most benefit from? I had to think about it.

RPGaDay 2016

RPGaDay in hosted by BrigadeCon this year.

I decided to go with something which Cam Banks mentioned several days ago in regards to rpgs and Monte Cook’s Invisible Sun. He spoke on how rpgs favour extroverts over introverts. Being an introvert, I agree with that. I love rpgs but most games don’t provide many tools to help an introvert.

In most rpgs, you have very little social interaction rules and encouraged to act it out like a normal conversation. For a shy person, that is a challenge. You might not have the know how to pull the social graces compared to an extrovert. Also, as there are usually no social initiative rules, you will tend to see the extrovert players take the lead or even dominate the interaction.

That is one part of rpgs which would be great to see. I’d like some innovation to help our the shy folks contribute equally to a game, especially in terms of the social interactions. From what I hear, Monte Cook’s Invisible Sun will try to tackle that part of rpgs. I’m curious on the details. I will wish to try the game at some point. I will keep on eye on it. The kickstarter is making its rounds on social media.

What would you like to see brought to games?


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