RPGaDay: Fictional invitation

We are at day 17 of RPGaDay and we answer the following: What fictional character would best fit in your group? Why?

RPGaDay 2016

RPGaDay is a special online event hosted by BrigadeCon this year.

My first instinct is to invite Baron Munchausen to the group. He’s witty and creative. He’d object of course since primarily, he’s not fictional and secondly, we aren’t nobles. He’d be too dangerous for my group too with his insistence that duels must be physically fought. Yeah, he’d be fun to have but I don’t think he’d fit well with the group. I might be able to play his game for once.


Now, Barbara Gordon would be a fun character to have in the group. She’s a great team player, smart and has an awesome memory. She’s also highly tech savvy and thus would be able to improve our situation. She tends to pull long nights but right now, my group isn’t always stable when we play. Depending on when in her life, I take her, she may or may not be wheelchair bound which makes it hard to physically get where we play (in a 3rd story apartment with no elevators) but we already have one player who contacts us via teleconference. She might bring her friend, Richard Grayson, who is a great guy. He’s smart and funny. He would fit right in too.


There are many fictional characters which would work with our group. For many, they would bring baggage which would complicate matters and we have to consider. Their baggage can be contrived but that’s what happens when you are an entity created by another. In the end, I would invite the fictional character to my game as a one-shot and see how they interact with others for play. We like to see their play style and how they react to our play style before committing to long term play.

What fictional character would you have? How would you invite them? Would it be long or short term?


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