RPGaDay: Gaming with historical character

Day 16 and we are dealing with history. Today’s question is: What historical character would you like in your group? For what game?


This year, RPGaDay is hosted by BrigadeCon.

RPGaDay 2016

There is one historical figure who I’ve always been fascinated since my youth. He is Leonardo da Vinci, the genius in various fields. I’ve always been fascinated in his work and read a few biographies when I was young. I love his drawing style and his inventiveness. In art class in high school, I would practice using his drawing style. He is a fascinating character whom I’d love to play with.

The game I’d be interested in trying with him would be Ars Magica. As it is a game of academic wizards doing research, it would probably feel natural for him. Of course, we’d have to deal with the language barrier of a modern French Canadian talking to an Italian man of the renaissance. With the round robin style of rotating roles, I think it would fit Leonardo’s breadth of skills and interests.

Another game that I’d be interested to play with Leonardo da Vinci is Microscope. In Microscope, you create a fictional history and you can have a variety of scopes. I believe this would stimulate Leonardo’s creativity and we would have a variety of different settings to explore.

I think there are lots of games which Leonardo da Vinci would wish to try. Like I, he was an eclectic man and he tried many things. We’d play many games together and have fun. We’d just need other folks to join us. Would you join us? Which historical figure would you bring with you to this game?


5 thoughts on “RPGaDay: Gaming with historical character

    • Catherine the Great is an awesome historical figure. I only know of her casually from playing the Civilization computer game. She did great to change Russia & expand it.
      Thank you about your compliment. I tweet as @ericmpaq but mostly trying to get into the habit of posting regularly.

  1. I’ve always loved to use Longshanks as a villain in RPGs set in Scotland. Almost totally accepted as an utter bastard, so adding depth to his motivations is interesting for stories.

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