RPGaDay: Dream team game

We are on day 14 of RPGaDay. Today’s post is all about folks I’ve played with in the past. Today’s question is: Who would be on your dream team of people you used to game with?

This year, RPGaDay is hosted by BrigadeCon.

RPGaDay 2016

First, I love the group I currently play with. Brenda, Christine, Erica, and Steve are all awesome. We have fun. They make me laugh with their silly ideas and bring depth to the games. They would definitely be part of my dream team.

From my past, I’d had two high school/university friends, Miguel and Yasha. Miguel is a good friend who was great role player. He wasn’t afraid to try stuff and he has a great mind for the game. Yasha was fun to play with. He brought such energy to the game and some common sense. I think those two would fit with Brenda, Christine, Erica, and Steve.

What game would we play? I don’t know specifically. I think any game and it will probably not be a serious game which is how I like it. They have the most experience with fantasy adventure rpgs so maybe one of those like 13th Age or Dungeon World.

What would be your ultimate game? Who would you play with?


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