RPGaDay Catch-up part 2: Days 7 to 9

Welcome to RPGaDay catch-up part 2! Today, I am doing days 7 to 9 with the goal of being up to date by August 12th.

RPGaDay is hosted by BrigadeCon this year.

RPGaDay 2016

Day 7: What aspect of Roleplaying Games has had the biggest effect on you?

Roleplaying games brings many things to groups. It helps with mathematics, creativity, improvisation, decision making, and etc.. For me, the biggest effect is bringing people together. Roleplaying games are a group activity and you get to meet various folks. Being a shy individual, I love how roleplaying games permits be to play with others and share something personal which is a group story.

Day 8: Do you prefer hard cover, soft cover, or electronic books? What are the benefits of your preference?

I find the books to be useful depending on the circumstances. An electronic book has the advantage of being easy to transport. You can store many eBooks or PDFs on memory stick or even on a tablet. When I travel to Gen Con, I put rpg books on my tablet and bring it with me. It is easy to access and portable.

When I’m at home, I prefer a physical copy to play. A physical book is easier to use as a reference. It is quicker to flip through pages on a physical book then an electronic one. Although, a good eBook can be search for keywords of hard hyper links to let you jump from place to place.

A physical book, especially a hard cover one, makes it easy to advertise when conducting demos. You can stand the book up which allows passers by to see what you are playing.

In the end, I have no specific preference and love to have both a physical and electronic copy.

Day 9: What things are a part of your ideal session, other than the actual game?

As stated above, roleplaying games are a social game. They are highly dependent on the interaction of the group within the framework of codified rules. An ideal session would enhance that. You need a good group of friends who enjoy their company and playing the game. This group of folks wish to play to try stuff out. They don’t care about winning or losing. They are merely there to play and toy around their characters. The group would understand they have an equal stake in the game. Ever player would have a say in what happens and shaping the session.

See you tomorrow for part 3!


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