RPGaDay catch-up part 1: days 4 to 6

I’m back from my trip to Gen Con 2016 which currently occurs every other year since 2012. I had a fun time. I played a few games, saw many products and met several people in the rpg industry. I bought a variety of games mostly rpgs but some board games too. I will doing a 3 part catch-up for RPGaDay. Today will be days 4 to 6. Tomorrow will be days 7 to 9. Friday will be days 10 to 12.

RPGaDay is hosted by BridageCon this year.

RPGaDay 2016

Day 4: What is the most impressive thing that you can remember another player’s character doing in a session?

As I take the role of a GM most often, I have seen many impressive things. I am amazed by my group of friends and their wonderful antics.

Over a decade ago in my Beta Pictoris campaign. It was a fantasy game where a group of adventurers crash landed on a distant work and got involved with the civilizations upon it. We played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition and the player in question was my best friend, Miguel. He played Captain Angus Ragnarok and he had written on his character sheet, cursed with living. He had lost his family, lost his crew, and any tragedy that befell him and others, he was the only one to survive. We had no mechanic for it. It was merely flavour. It was part of the character’s background and we never thought it would carry over to actual play. Yet, it did. One of the most impressive was when the party was thrown into an arena by monstrous humanoids. Ragnarok or more commonly known as Raggie had 1 hit point left which meant any significant blow would take him out of the combat. Miguel decided to charge the monstrous humanoid horde so the group could escape. It was a foolhardy maneuver but if you aren’t up to taking risks, why are you an adventurer, right? When I rolled my attacks against him, the monstrous horde kept missing. He lived. One of our friends, Yasha, couldn’t believe it. He thought we cheated. He thought that I fudged the die rolls. I did not. He only believed me after we did a mock fight of Raggie versus a bad guy. He witness all our rolls. He saw the start of the fight go well for the bad guy. Almost bringing Raggie down but didn’t. Suddenly when Raggie was low on hit points, the dice turned around and he had the upper hand. Yasha was surprised and stunned. We had no rules for it and it was simply luck but it happened.

Day 5: What story does your group of players tell about your character?

Our group has many story. That’s what happens when you play for a while. I’d say the story which returns from time to time is that of Princess Stasi.

Princess Stasis was a devious trick I played on the other players. She was the daughter of the Lord Benn, a militant noble with a strong army. Questers United learned that Princess Stasi had been captured by goblins and were blackmailing Lord Benn to attack the king or else his daughter dies. To save the kingdom, Ser Pelaios, the patron of Questers United, asked them to go rescue her. Right, simple damsel in distress. It’s your standard trope in fantasy adventure. Here’s my twist: Princess Stasi is actually a succubus in disguise.

Questers United went to the fort where the goblins kept Stasi. They bested the goblins as adventurers tend to do. They witnessed Stasi be very capable with a sword which they equated her being raised by a militant father. They didn’t take time to explore the fort since they were on a time limit. The king’s castle was under siege by the goblins and the blackmailed Lord Benn. They needed Stasi to break the siege. Thus they rescued the kingdom by having Lord Benn turn onto the goblins. Stasi was introduced to Pelaios, a knight of the King.

After awhile, they learned the Stasi was a succubus. They managed to piece it together and learn that she is Bryseris the succubus. They stopped her while Lord Amnon, Pelais was getting sickly. After defeating her, they wondered if there was a true Stasi trapped somewhere. There was a large background and evidence of Stasi’s existence. The devils of which Lord Benn is a pit fiend, used the suspicious to their advantage. They wanted to send Questers United to hell as a trap. They laid clues that she was there. Luckily, Questers United managed to figure out that Lord Benn and Princess Stasi were a pit fiend and succubus duo who alternated parent and child roles. Ser Pelaios would have been their next victim in their plot. Bryseris would have married Pelaios, conceived a boy, and then Benn and Pelaios would have perished in an “accident”. Benn would have become the boy to grow up. Questers United put an end to the plot.

Day 6: What is the most amazing thing that you know a game group has done for their community?

A few years ago, Peter Marshall, a friend and gamer, passed away from leukaemia. I still remember visiting him in the cancer treatment section of the hospital and at the hospice where he spent his last days. He was a member of Questers United and he gave me the miniature he painted of his character, Dhalen. Dhalen is still with the party as the pilot of airship which Questers United acquired.

After he passed away, Peter’s parents asked me to go through his games collection. We made a list and with other friends of Peter, we determined to have a sale and all proceeds would go towards research for a leukaemia cure. We priced the books. We recruited other gamers. We advertised. Honestly, we didn’t expect to raise much funds. I expected a few hundreds of dollars. I was surprised when we were able to give over a thousand dollars to charity. Folks came and bought books. They even made donations. Any remaining products was bought by a local vendor.

Thus ends part 1 of my RPGaDay catch-up.


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