RPGaDay: Favourite game session within the last year

Welcome back to my RPGaDay entries. This year, the event is hosted by BrigadeCon.

RPGaDay 2016

The second question is best game session since August 2015.

According to my RPG Geek account, I’ve had 44 game sessions since the 1st of August 2015. I played 25 different game systems and the top 3 most played are: Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (9 times), Dungeon World (4 times), and Fate Core (4 times). I’ve played many great games and it is hard to choose.

The games which I remember the most are my D&D 4th edition since it is part of a campaign starting in 2008. The group is full of friends and we laugh a lot while we play. I remember when the adventuring party, Questers United, were at a festival for Pelor and some gnolls took over a dormant volcano. Thought magical communication, the gnolls threatened to ignite the volcano if the realm didn’t bring sacrifices. Gimrid, the smart ass dwarf, talked back to the gnoll leader and thus a time limit was imposed.

Questers United decided to get there way before the time limit and found a guide who knew a short cut through the Shadowfell. They had to follow the path else wise they could get lost. Unfortunately, along the path, a coven of Death Hags were camping. Part of the group went to negotiate. Please note that Questers United love to negotiate even though they are very much a physical party. They are blunt but they get results. While negotiations, they learned that the death hag would love to get a pure soul for their collection which Gimrid has. Bane, the gnome revenant chaos sorcerer tried to convince Gimrid to give his soul to get the coven’s help but the dwarf stubbornly refused. The hag gave Bane a bone to communicate in case they changed their mind. The group arrived within the volcano.

They faced a patrol and learned the gnoll leader was heading towards the heart of the volcano to ignite it anyway. When you are a nihilist gnoll who worships Yeenoghu, the demon of ruin, you always follow up on your threats of annihilation. Questers United rushed towards the volcano centre where they found the lair of a sleeping volcanic dragon and the gnolls preparing to wake it up. If the dragon woke up in an angry mood, the volcano would erupt and destroy the whole realm.

Questers United and the gnolls fought near the sleeping dragon. It was an epic fight where they lost their guide to a storm of teeth. Don’t worry! A dragon under the guise of a high priest of Bahamut offered to raise their guide for the simple cost of godhood but that’s an unfinished story. During the fight, the dragon was going to wake up until Medrash, the dragon paladin of Bahamut with anger issues, used their best dad voice and said to the dragon “GO BACK TO SLEEP!” In the end, the dragon did wake up and Questers United convinced it to kill the gnoll since it was bother its sleep.

Now, Questers United had to deal with the fire giant army invasion who planned to use the volcano as their base. That finished story is for a different time.

What is your favourite game session within the past year? Do you play a game with me that you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments.

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