RPGaDay 3: Proud character moment

Welcome back to my RPGaDay entries. This year, the event is hosted by BrigadeCon .

On day 3, the subject is a proud character moment. As I often take the role of GM, I have many GM characters (GMC) which had fun stories. I am proud for many of them. GMC are not protagonists. They are antagonists at best and probably support characters. Their job is to make the PCs, the protagonists of the story,  look cool. I know folks prefer to read the stories of main characters. Well, I have a few of those too.

RPGaDay 2016

I played Ovak, a dwarf rogue who managed the logistics of the party. He know his party members abilities and strived to get them where they needed to do their speciality. In hindsight, he was like a GMC even though I wasn’t the GM of the game.

In this story, we were fighting a large beast in the Underdark, the large cavernous region filled with underground creatures that you find in many fantasy worlds. The beast swallowed Justin Case, our fighter who was very effective in killing stuff. The rest of the group was holding their own but we  weren’t being as efficient. We had to get Justin out and I had a plan.

Ovak took out his immovable rod, a magical device which can lock itself in mid air. We only had one and the party tended to view it as useless.  He locked the rod in the air and then commanded his rope of climbing, a magically sentient rope, to attach itself to the rod and to Ovak. Once he was secure, Ovak waited until the beast opened its mouth and jumped in. While swimming inside the stomach, he found Justin and attached the rope to him. Justin used the rope to get out of it to continue fighting the beast.

The party were concerned that Ovak might die since as a rogue you don’t have as many hit points as a fighter. I told them to hurry to kill it while I think up of my escape plan. Which I did and shortly thereafter. I realized that being inside it, the beast can’t use its quick reflexes to avoid my blows. Using his small warhammer, Ovak decided to start smashing the beast’s bones from the inside. The beast quickly realized that its digestive fluids were not digesting Ovak fast enough and decided to cough him up. Unfortunately, the beast was wise enough and didn’t want Ovak back inside where he was more effective than on the outside.

I’ve had many creative uses while playing Ovak. He had acquired a robe of useful items which I delighted to use to get out of spots.

What character moment are you proud of? Let me know in the comments.

I’m off to Gen Con. I’ll be running games for Third Eye Games. Here’s their schedule of games. Steggy will join me in my trip. 🙂

GenCon 2016 Steggy


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