RPGaDay: Favourite non-rpg thing to come out of rpging

On August 31st and last day of RPGaDay, the topic is my favourite non-rpg thing to come out of rpging. I had to think a bit about this one. I have to say, my favourite would be all the contacts I’ve made over the decades.


I’ve made many friends and acquaintances over the years. Some contacts are good and some were not so good. I find them valuable as they permitted me to learn and experience. Those contacts showed me that rpging is a social game. I find that very valuable.

As I started with “Livres dont vos êtes le héros” also known as Choose Your Own Adventure books, I find the social experience important. I’m not this nerdy kid with his nose in a book who rolls dice or makes a decision and then consults which paragraph to flip to. I still have my nose in a book or pdf most of the time but when the game start, I interact with friends.

These contacts also permitted me to experience various things. I travelled to various conventions or organized game days around the world to play with different folks. I play-tested various games which either game out with my input influencing it or never came out for various reasons. I got to participate in various competitions (ex: Game Chef) and receive feedback from folk who are passionate of rpgs like I am.

Through trying and meeting folks, I went from being a regular guest of the Tome Show Book Club to guest host and now co-host. A fun experience which combines my love of reading and practising to speak in public without really being in public.

I’ve helped organize local clubs, manage local D&D encounters group, and now I’m one of the organizers of CanGames, Canada’s longest running tabletop games convention, which is celebrating its 40th annual convention in 2016. I am hoping you can join us and celebrate.

My favourite non-rpg thing is the community and building it. It’s not a finished job and there is still work to improve it. I imagine a community where anything who wishes to play a game can do so comfortably. Unfortunately, there are many social and political issues which I see or don’t see which unfortunately prevents certain folks to enjoy participating in a game. I’m still learning to notice them and especially notice societal habits in me which can be problematic. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes. I feel bad when I do but I try to learn and improve. I’m always happy to learn new stuff.

What is your favorite non-rpg thing to come out of rpging? How has it changed you?

I’d like to thank Dave Chapman to organize RPGaDay. I had fun doing it and it got me back to writing every day. Now I’ll go get some new topics for later.


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