RPGaDay: Favourite RPG playing celebrity

On August 30th, the topic of the day is my favourite RPG playing celebrity. Honestly, I don’t follow many lives of celebrities. I view them as fellow folks who have their right of privacy. So, unless they announce it, I might not know they play rpgs. Of those celebrities who have announced it, I prefer Wil Wheaton.


Even though my first experience of Wil Wheaton was in Star Trek: The Next Generation playing Wesley Crusher, I didn’t know he played games until his show Tabletop. By following Tabletop, I learned a few things about his loved on games. I learned his was on the Acquisitions Inc game a few years before I heard of it.

I love his passion he shows for games. His show, Tabletop, has done a great effect on the tabletop games industry. When he won the Diana Jones Award in 2013, I felt it deserved the win. I love his enthusiasm over games and how he encourages families to play games together.

As I grew up, my family played games together. I loved it and still do. Seeing Wil Wheaton play with his family on Tabletop brought a joy to my face.

At Ottawa Comiccon 2015, Brenda and I got to take a picture with Wil and Anne Wheaton. I wanted both because it show two couples who plays games together although I never played a game with Wil and Anne. Brenda plays a great game of Risk Lord of the Rings. We enjoy playing Settlers of Catan card game and Arkham Horror. For rpgs, she is creative and smart.

I found Wil Wheaton to be approachable at conventions even though I’m highly nervous. For rpgs, I enjoyed his style on his rpg show, Titansgrave. He encourages the other players ideas and makes them shine. He doesn’t focus too much on the rules although Fantasy Age is light on rules which permits such play. He appears to be a great improviser.

Which rpg playing celebrity do you enjoy? Why do you enjoy them?


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