RPGaDay: Favourite RPG website/blog

On August 29th, the topic of the day is my favourite rpg website/blog. I follow a variety of different gaming blogs. I’m not up to date on all of them. My favourite would have to be Gnome Stew.


Gnome Stew is a site dedicated to help out folks who take on the role of GM. The blog is system agnostic. They share many ideas which can used for rpgs. They also review review a variety of rpgs. Being an eclectic gamer, I enjoy it since I can grab stuff to apply to any game.

They are also responsible for a series of books through their publishing house, Engine Publishing. For inspiration, they have the books, Masks and Eureka, for NPC ideas and scenarios respectively. For management tips, they released, Never Unprepared and The Odyssey, which tackle session preparation and campaign management. They have their latest books, Unframed and Focal Point, which deal with tips on improvisation and running great game sessions. Those last two, I have read yet.

When someone asks for tips on the GM role, I give some tips and add you can find more at the Gnome Stew site. Their advice helps from all players of various experience levels. A new player taking the GM role gets great lessons to learn how to best approach a game. An experience playing gets new tools or a refresher on their tools for the GM role.

Another blog site which I enjoy is G*M*S Magazine which delivers great reviews of a wide variety of games. They are not limited to rpg and delve into board games, card games and miniatures. Their associated podcasts are entertaining in following news in the hobby. As I love games in general, I enjoy reading their reviews and articles about latest news and upcoming products in the games industry.

What rpg site do you enjoy? What rpg blogs do you recommend I follow and why?


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