RPGaDay: Favourite inspiration for a game

On August 26th, the topic of the day is my favourite inspiration for a game. Over the decades, I’ve been inspired by many sources. I’ll talk my current inspiration which is fueling me, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.


Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is a Japanese animated series inspired from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. The series follow a group of teens who try to uncover the secret of the jewel known as the Blue Water. Along the way, they becomes passengers of the Nautilus, friends with Captain Nemo and face the secret organization known as the Neo-Atlanteans.

I watched the series over a decade ago while I was in University. I have the DVDS and watch it again from time to time. I’ve used it several times for scenario inspiration for Terra Incognita by Scott Larson. I’ve had NAGS society members do an escort duty for bringing Nadia, the main character of the series, to a circus which she starts the series in..

I love the Neo-Atlanteans who wish to regain the lost power and rule of Atlantis. I’ve had ideas in mind to plan a campaign surrounding Atlantis for years.

Lately, I’ve been reading books about Atlantis as research for such a campaign. There many interesting ideas in what Occult Atlantologist think for a fictional campaign. There are several historical figures which studied Atlantology and have their own ideas. You can use them as characters in a campaign as either protagonists or antagonists.

Folks think Atlantis was in many areas of the world. This adds the mystery to a game and potentially make a group determine what is actually true. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which theories are true but what the characters believes and what they will do.

I still plan to organize it using Terra Incognita as a game. I find it appropriate having a secret society inspired from National Geographic Society exploring the secrets of Atlantis. Additions, NAGS society has submarines which means it can explore the underwater remains.

What inspires your games? What is currently inspiring you and what are you doing with it?


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