RPGaDay: Perfect game for you

On August 23rd, the topic of the day is the perfect game for me. I’m an eclectic gamer who has played lots of different games. Based on a spreadsheet I’ve made, I’ve played 70 different game systems in the 25 years. Some have been one-shots and some were multi-session campaigns. I’ve learned I have many tastes for rpgs.


I feel there’s no one game which will allow me to get all I wish in a game. Every game I’ve played shines in a certain task. Even universal game systems give their own flavour to your play experience. If I wish a particular game experience when I’d go for the one which gives me that play experience. This makes it hard to define the perfect game for me.

I could imagine a game design toolkit which has all the rpg tools we’ve learned in the industry. A group grabs the various components to make the game they wish to play. Fudge did that to a point and I love Fudge for it. Although, Fudge has a certain feel and delivers a certain play experience thus making it shine in descriptive narrative play but gets into trouble when you wish highly detailed results. For a game design toolkit, you’d have to break down the game to more elemental parts.

The problem with a game design toolkit would be certain elements work well together and some don’t. That’s why we have playtesting to determine what works and what doesn’t. Playtesting occurs before a game gets finally published to weed out most of the kinks in the system. I’d want a game which I can grab to play with friends with the least chances something doesn’t work. A game design toolkit useful as a game would have many examples on what elements to assemble.

Honestly, we already have that. It’s the whole rpg industry. We have thousands of games available in the industry. As of today, RPGGeek lists 5,203 rpgs available. Lots of different play experiences and there’s more on the way. If I wish to play generational play, I can grab Pendragon, Aria, or Red Aegis. Each will give me a different style of play and that is cool.

Yeah, sometimes I’ll try a game and won’t have fun or enjoy it. That is ok and great. I play games to try them. I’m very experimental in my style of play. If I haven’t played it yet, I wish to try it. You learn about yourself by doing that and sometimes you learn something which you can hack out of the game to graft onto another.

I think I have the perfect game for me and that is the entire rpg industry. The variety of games is more than enough to satisfy an eclectic gamer like me.

What is your perfect game for you? Why is it perfect for your play style?


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