RPGaDay: Perfect gaming environment

On August 22nd, the topic for the day is my perfect gaming environment. Over the past decades, I’ve tried several different ways and environments. I can be easily be satisfied for gaming environment. At the basics, I wish to play with good friends.


I’m highly satisfied with just friends around the table who are there to have fun. We try stuff and have a laugh. I don’t need much more but this topic is for being a perfect gaming environment so how can I make this environment perfect?

First, I’d want everyone’s needs satisfied and pleased. This would be a complex formula to satisfy everyone in the game. For me, I’d probably wish a cook and server to feed us. When I take the role of GM, I tend to forget to eat. Brenda reminds me to eat or gives me food from the available snacks. In a perfect gaming environment, I’d need someone who makes sure I eat and drink.

I’d want one of the GeekChic tables in this perfect game environments. I saw at GenCon in 2014 and they are beautiful. I like the Vizier. This would get well to the environment with nice chairs.

I’d want a stenographer or a device to write notes of the game while we play. I’m horrible at taking notes and keeping them organized. Probably a voice activated high end computer system to access notes, images, sounds, etc. Basically, I’d want tool to help track the game or enhance the game experience.

All this stuff feels silly to me. I’m just satisfied with a good crowd since games is a social game. All those do-dads might be distracting and feel I’d need to prepare lots of stuff. I like to improvise my games so I’d probably need an artificial intelligence to quickly get information for us. This AI would react to the game and provide information we need as we think about it.

Yeah, this imaginary perfect gaming environment is hard to think of.

What is your perfect gaming environment? Do you have crazy imaginary stuff to improve it?


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