RPGaDay: Favourite Science Fiction RPG

On August 18th, the topic is favourite science fiction rpg. My favourite genre to read is science fiction. I love seeing the speculation on technology to societies. I have played several different science fiction rpgs, not as much as fantasy rpgs. Of all the science fictions I’ve tried, my favourite is Jovian Chronicles by Philippe Boule, Jean Carrières, Wunji Lau, Marc A. Vezina, and published by Dream Pod 9.


Jovian Chronicles is a science fiction game set in our own solar system. After several space colonies get set up on and in orbit of various worlds, a huge world war erupts on Earth. For around a century, Earth is cut off from the space colonies. As Earth was the main source of resources and communication, the various colonies try to adapt. They develop their own nations and set up trade deals. Suddenly, Earth wakes up, reopens communications and under a new world government known as the Central Earth Government and Alliance (CEGA). On top of it, CEGA states that it wishes to re-establish itself the leader of the solar system due to tradition. Since the colonies were independent for so long, they don’t agree with their potential loss of agency. But who will oppose Earth? That’s where the Jovian Confederation comes in.

The Jovian Confederation is the largest nation in the history of humanity. They are some colonies orbiting Jupiter. They have the largest military of all non-CEGA nations in the solar system. They are prepared to stand up to CEGA to maintain their independence. After several years of conflict, there is a cease fire and posturing. A cold war between two major solar power. The game starts when an event happened which could break the cold war and thus battle would start.

There are solar nations on Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. In the asteroid belt there are nomads which are pirates, salvagers and miners. There is a new ISS which houses the USN (United Solar Nations), a UN in space. This brings me to one of my favourite things of the game, the SolaPol (yup, InterPol in Spaaaace!)

SolaPol makes a great reason to have a group of PCs. They are different specialisations for investigators from financial to edicts investigation. The edicts are law against dangerous fringe science. You want secret labs researching new high energy power source which destroys organic life while keeping machines running, well, there you go. Incidentally, that’s a scenario I ran years ago at CanGames. The group found out the folks weren’t quite dead and I sneaked in a ghost story in spaaace! The SolaPol agents come from a variety of backgrounds.

Jovian Chronicles also has exosuits (aka mecha) in the background. Honestly, when I play, I tend to ignore them and focus on the hard science. If you have a fan of Gundam in your group then they’ll be happy with an exosuit. I prefer the fighter vessels. The exosuits are there and I am happy you easily ignore them with no big issues.

Jovian Chronicles uses the Silhouette system. A simple dice pool system where you take the highest valued rolled. If you roll multiple 6s then you add +1 for each 6 beyond the first. The game has a miniatures based system which works seamlessly from the rpg system.

What is your favourite science fiction rpg? What do you love from it?


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