RPGaDay: Favorite Fantasy RPG

On August 17th, the topic is my favourite fantasy rpg. I’ve talked a few times about this rpg a few years ago and provided two actual plays here and here. I love the great game, Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple by Daniel Solis.


On top of being a beautiful book, Do is a fun, quick creative game. You play as pilgrims of the Flying Temple. There are many magical worlds with folks requiring help. They send letters to the temple and the pilgrims grab a letter to investigate and respond. The letters are the scenarios for the game. You choose one, it discusses the problems and provides keywords to be used during the game.

Character creation is simple as you have two traits which are descriptors and form your pilgrim’s name. One trait is how you help folks and the other trait is how you get into trouble. While you play the game, those traits will shape the story you write. You might help folks and use keywords or the rest of the group could decide how to put you into trouble while still using keywords. You decide what you do based on the number of stones you decide to keep from a bag.

The game ends when all the keywords are used or one player have 8 or more stones. If not all keywords are used then the pilgrims have meddled too much and are chased out. If all the keywords are used then the pilgrims receive accolades for a job well done. Then you influence what type of ending you want after each stone draw. Additionally, the type of stone you collect (white or black) shapes the change your pilgrim will get.

I love how the game encourages cooperative storytelling as the group decides how a character gets into trouble based on the current situation and the pilgrim’s trait. I love the variety of letters asking for help. I love how the games encourages to help in a variety of ways and thus if I wish to be crafty and non-violent I can do so and be effective.

This is a game which you easily play 1 scenario within 2 hours and you can either continue with other scenarios or not. You can also jump in any time as your character changes rather than gets more power. Once my nieces get old and write, I hope to show this wonderful game to them.

What fantasy rpg do you enjoy? Why is it your favourite?


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