RPGaDay: Longest game session played

On August 16th, the topic is longest game session played. During high school and university, I played several long sessions. I don’t remember them all. I remember the ones during university the best as we prepared for Living Greyhawk scenarios.


Living Greyhawk was an RPGA campaign set in Oerth, the setting of Greyhawk. This was an international campaign using the D&D 3rd edition system. Currently, you can find such campaigns with the D&D Adventurer’s League and Pathfinder Society. One thing I enjoyed about Living Greyhawk was the areas of the setting was assigned to region of Earth. Where I lived, we were assigned to the nation of Ket. If our characters wished to adventure in the neighbouring nation of Tusmit then we had to go to the province of Québec (about 20 minute walk from where I live). If you wished to play in the nation of Ekbir then you had to go to France. The neighbouring country of Perrenland was in Australia. This made it great to travel and visit real world places and get a game along the way.

To organize games, we had volunteer take the role of DMs to read the scenario and play. Now, many volunteer DMs had their own PCs and thus we have a special session where we would play several scenarios to those players who will later take the DM role. This would be around 12 hours of play as we conducted several scenarios of around 4 hours each. Sometimes we had one player take the role of DM for all those scenarios or we’d rotate amongst us. When you take on the role of DM for a scenario, you couldn’t have your PC go through it. We were mindful of that and attempted to spread the load.

I enjoyed my PCs in Living Greyhawk. I had Narshal, a halfling barbarian from the Bramblewood forest. He was savage and his rage was animalistic. He enjoyed food and having fun. Narshal loved trouble and thus worshipped Charmaline, the hero-goddess of keen senses and narrow escapes. He followed her more for the narrow escapes. One of his best friends was Flint, a dwarf fighter whom Narshal taught how to be a barbarian in order to get into a fight faster. Narshal died a few times during his career and it was always right after Flint passed away in the adventure.

Another PC of my was Takmaspada, a Ketite human wizard who was very strict and traditionalist. He believed in Ket and the rule of law. Like all Ketite, he mistrusted elves. I remember a scene where a fellow PC elf was down and the rest of the group was urging me to use a potion of healing on him during the fight. I was weighing my options and folks wondered why I was hesitating since he was played by the same player as Flint. When I mentioned his PC is an elf folks realized and he laughed. In the end, Takmaspada healed him since he had a use. Both PCs didn’t like each other even though as players our other PC were best friends. In fact, I don’t remember the elf’s name since Takmaspada never bothered to learn it.

My final PC in Living Greyhawk was Arianna, a halfling druid from the Bramblewood forest and sister to Narshal. She was sent to adventure to seek out Narshal and bring him home. This was a practical impossibility as Arianna and Narshal were played by me and I can’t have both PCs in the same scenario. She had a falcon as a pet her senses were great. She worshipped the keen senses portion of Charmalaine. I didn’t play her often before Living Greyhawk ended. She was fun to play and I tried a few times to speak in a high pitched voice as her.

What is your longest game session played? Why did you play so long? What organized play do you participate in?


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