RPGaDay: Longest campaign ever

On August 15th, the topic is longest campaign ever. I’ve participated in many different campaigns which most of them fade out. Our current campaign involves the adventuring group, Questers United, and is a top contender for a longest campaign.


In 2008, I got the latest Dungeons & Dragons edition and grew to enjoy this fourth edition. I had played every edition of D&D so far in a random order and hadn’t played D&D for around 5 years as I had grown dissatisfied with D&D 3rd edition. I found D&D 4th edition offered a fresh take to the game and provides great tools for those take the role of Dungeon Master. I kept running D&D 4th at public events and love the variety of abilities which the monsters gave me.

In Fall of 2008, I talked to my friends about starting a campaign. The focus would be dragons as opponents with a minor theme of undead. I created an area called the Dreadlands, a region where two old empires fought then there were invasions by undead and dragons. I had a large enemy known as the Ice Queen who bullies the north. I present the setting to my group and you can read my initial Setting info. The group created characters and formed the adventuring company, Questers United.

We are still playing the campaign. Questers United are now 18th level characters and we plan to go to level 30. The campaign evolved over time. We dropped xp when we noticed nobody wished to keep track of it and merely wish to level when they achieved something significant in the narrative. We started using inherent bonuses to stop the requirement of always getting new weapons, armour and neck slot items to keep the math ok. Now, none of the group wish to do the accounting for purchasing items so rather than keeping track of gold, the group has wealth levels and if they wish to purchase items, we compare it to their wealth. We are mostly playing by ear right now for the wealth levels and don’t have anything concrete.

The Ice Queen threatens still the north and now she is sending her giant and dragonborn barbarians tribes down south to expand her territory. She wants to blanket the world into her frozen wastes. The group knows of Bael Arkhos, a tiefling & chromatic dragons alliance who wish to raise an empire of old with a Tiamat, Asmodeus & Bane divine trinity. The Orcus cult, Ashen Covenant, continues to conduct undead experiments. The Skull forest is still bone white with leaves which turn blood red in the fall except for one tree which Questers United managed to fight off the infection.

Recently, Questers United stopped Zaiden a gnoll leader who wished to violently wake up a volcanic dragon so it can erupt a volcano and destroy the surrounding civilization. Now, they learned an army of fire giants drilled into the volcano and wish to take it over. They are planning to use guerilla tactics to drive them away. I’m excited to see what the group will do now. The game is mostly a mix of improvisation with some ongoing plot.

What great campaigns have you played or are still playing? Why do you like it?


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