RPGaDay: Favourite RPG accessory

On August 14th, the topic is my favourite RPG accessory.Over the years, I’ve collected many accessories for a wide variety of games. I have an accessory which I’ve regularly using since I got it in 2010, Dungeon Master’s Token Set released by Gale Force Nine.


The token set is a wooden box with several plastic tokens to represent different conditions in the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition game. Each token has the name of the condition and symbol to represent it. Additionally, the bloodied token when a target has lost have its hit points is a blood drop.

Before getting the token set, I would use the plastic pop bottle cap rings and some pieces of paper. While cheap to use, I had problems with the rings as I have deuteranopia (commonly known as colour blindness). I relied on my home group who are kind enough to help. As I enjoyed playing in public, I found it embarrassing to constantly ask in regards to colours. For the paper token, they were useful and clear but they had to constantly be replaced due to use. The plastic token are durable.

The box is useful for storage. When I travelled to public event, I could easily put a few miniatures in the box. It has several different compartments to sort your different types of conditions you have. Finally, the cover has a felt backing which means you can use it as an area to roll your dice.

When I got the box, the wood was not varnished. As I knew I’d use it often, I went to my dad to see if he could help me protect it. He recommended varnishing it and did it himself. My dad enjoyed working with wood and helping out. Having lost my dad last year, the Dungeon Master’s Token Set has a personal attachment to me. I valued it highly in my list of favourite accessories.

What is your favourite rpg accessory? What stories do you have attached to it?


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