RPGaDay: Favourite RPG podcast

On August 13th, the topic is my favourite rpg podcast. I listen to several different podcasts during my commute to work and during breaks. I’ve mentioned one of my favourites before, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff (KRTAS).


Hosted by Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws, KRTAS talks about a variety of subjects and usually try to spin it for a roleplaying perspective. They separate their segments into various huts which last about 15-20 min. long. Once they start rambling, starting on a tangent or repeating themselves, they expertly segway into a different hut and thus a different subject.

As they are both professional writers and game designers, they promote their products and discuss their current projects. As a fan of their work, I enjoy listening to their promotion of their stuff. Additionally, you can buy advertisement which they do themselves with hilarious and entertaining results.

I enjoy several of their huts. The gaming hut focuses on offering advice at the gaming table and how to deal with subjects of play. The Ask Ken & Robin hut is where they answer a listener question unless the question can be answered in a short way then it goes in their lightning round episodes. The How to write good hut gives their expert advice on the craft of writing. The Among my many hats hut focuses on their professional design work which they are either doing now or did in the past.

Ken’s Time Machine is a fun segment where Kenneth Hite is given a mission by Time Inc. to change history (or make sure history doesn’t get changed). This usually results in Ken taking a historical figure out for a drink. It shows how knowledgeable Ken is with history and his creativity in applying alternate history. As a fan of TimeWatch, you can delve into any of those time machine segments for scenario ideas.

I haven’t went to any of their live recordings but they seem to be a blast. They start out with a segment called nerd tropes where they draw a card from a deck of nerd subject cards and one from various tropes cards. Ken then mixes both subjects together for a fun narrative or campaign idea. For example, at Cthulhucon, they pandered to the audience and had a mix of Leonard da Vinci and Glaaki. He talks about how Da Vinci wrote the original Revelations of Glaaki, the one before volume 1. It was entertaining to hear and gave me ideas on running a Cthulhu mythos scenario or campaign set during the Renaissance.

What are your favourite podcasts?


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