RPGaDay: Favourite RPG Illustration

On August 12th, the topic is my favourite rpg illustration. This was a tough choice. Two of my favourite rpg illustrators are Gerald Brom and Tony Diterlizzi. Both works on rpg settings which I enjoy.


In the end, I chose to go with artwork by Gerald Brom. Specifically, the art for the cover of Dragon Kings, a AD&D 2nd edition Dark Sun product. When thinking about my favourite illustration, this piece floated to the top of my mind. It feels like a natural choice.

Dragon Kings by Gerald Brom

I love dragons and this art evokes the dragon of Tyr, Borys of Ebe. He looks majestic on his stone throne and appears to be either giving an order or casting a spell.

Brom was great to capture the feel of the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Athas. His art made you feel that the characters from a dry wasteland.

When Timothy Brown announced that Brom would draw art for his kickstarted setting, Dragon Kings, I was happy. It is a spiritual successor to Dark Sun. I wish to return to such a world where life is dangerous, the people needs help. In such a world, the status quo is horrible and you need folks ready to change it. You can’t accept to be given anything. Those who have power abuse it and if you challenge them they will seek to destroy you.

The art and setting evoked in my a fascination with deserts while I was a teen and young adult. I still feel a fascination with them. The environmental message in the game inspired me to study biology with a focus towards ecology.

Art is a powerful thing to sell a game. Without Brom’s art, I doubt I would have been drawn to Dark Sun and my life would have been different.

What piece of art inspired you? How did it change your life?


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