RPGaDay: Favourite RPG Publisher

On August 10th, the topic is my favourite rpg publisher. Again, I have several publishers which I enjoy. I’ll focus on one of them, Atlas Games.


When I saw the topic, I instantly thought of Atlas Games. I enjoy their games. Both their rpgs and their card games tend to encourage stories. Many of their games which I tried, I enjoy and have fun.

They publish rpgs like Over the Edge, Ars Magica and Feng Shui. Of those, I have the most experience in the surreal setting of Over the Edge. I’ve organized several one-shot games at CanGames and other local conventions where I took the role of GM. I enjoy introducing Over the Edge by having a Canadian family taking a vacation on Al Amarja. Of course, they quickly uncover strange stuff plus the character had their own strange reasons to go there rather than just a vacation.

I tried Feng Shui once at a convention. Being a game of Hong Kong action movies, it captures the feel in a simple way. Now, they released the new edition of Feng Shui which I backed through their Kickstarter. I have place it on my reading list and look forward to trying it.

I read Ars Magica and wish to play it. The game feels like it is highly academic. As you explore the story of a covenant of mages, they can involve in politics, do magical research, etc. The game encourages troupe play where you rotate who takes the role of GM.

I have to mention the awesome card game, Once Upon a Time. This is a storytelling card game. Each player gets the ending of the story and compete to tell a story which will lead to your ending. As there is only one story, you are challenged creatively to fit the elements you have with the elements introduced by the other players.


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