RPGaDay: Favourite media you wish was a rpg

On August 9th, the topic is my favourite media I wish was a rpg. There are many licensed rpg settings with a wide variety of success. Two similar media which I wish was a rpg is Twilight Imperium and Master of Orion, which are both space strategy games where you explore, expand, exploit and exterminate.


Twilight Imperium is a board game where the world gets created by the group. It is centered around the world of Mecatol Rex where the ancient empire of the Lazak ruled. All the other possible species have their own history and general personality. You manage small empires and fleets as you try to complete certain objectives either public or secret to achieve victory. The setting feels rich with story potential as each species also have named character which can influence the world. Each potential world has a short description.

Master of Orion is a video game franchise with 3 released games so far and currently a fourth one in the works. In it, you can design your own ships. The franchise has a history too with various species existing in a galaxy and fighting to fight and control Orion, an ancient world from a distant empire. In Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares, they introduce the Antarans which inhibit a different dimension and send fleets to attack. In Master of Orion 3, you controlled a vast empire with huge fleets. Additionally, the story advances where a group of Antarans take over the area, enslaves the species and after being cut off from their homeworld, they release the species, call themselves the New Orions and try to act benevolently. Unfortunately, they released a bio weapon which has now achieved sentience which spreads by infecting other species.

I can see potential for both settings in a rpg where the major conflicts would be a background of the game. The players could influence those major galactic events between scenes or scenarios.  To keep the flavour of a new universe to explore each time, the group would create their galaxy kinda like you do in the Diaspora rpg or Traveller rpg.

There are other media which I would like in media but either had one or there’s one coming up soon. Babylon 5 is my favourite TV show which got two rpgs, Babylon Project and Babylon 5 d20. I haven’t tried Babylon Project but I did try Babylon 5 d20 which felt more like D&D in the Babylon 5 universe rather than a B5 game. I’d love to see or work on a game which captures the feel of the show. Another good show which is sort-of getting a rpg is Sense8 which is getting Headspace by Mark Richardson, a cyberpunk emotional rpg where the characters share their mind, skills and memories. While it isn’t a Sense8 licensed game, it captures the show and you can easily adapt it. Headspace goes into kickstarter soon.

Adapting a game to a media setting which your group enjoys can be fun. You get the benefit of sharing knowledge and interest in the setting.


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