RPGaDay: Favourite appearance of rpgs in media

On August 8th, the topic is favourite appearances of rpgs in media. There are many different appearances which, unfortunately, portray the game in a negative light. I prefer those with a positive or neutral light. My favourite is from the Canadian TV show, Being Erica.


The premise of Being Erica is a woman who is getting therapy for her anxiety through the use of time travel. She experiences her past regrets and tries to make changes in her life. In the episode “Erica the Vampire Slayer”, she is trying to learn how to deliver rejection comfortably so she can fire an employee. Her helpful regret was someone whom she dated ten years ago and she didn’t handle the break up in a great way.

Her date was a nerd and invited Erica to a vampire LARP. She felt it was too weird and didn’t go. In the episode, she finally tries LARP and gets into it. They even discuss why a character enjoys it.

I enjoy it because it shows a character who is a normal person who begins with the stereotypical view of the game as being strange and weird. As she plays and experience it, it shows how fun the game is. The show doesn’t try to keep the game shunned. This is a game where adults engage in a fantasy in a fun way.

To me, that is important to be shown in media. RPGs are great hobbies for adults. You get to escape and interact in a way other media don’t let you. You form bonds of friendship as you share the game. I feel the media show focus on that positive aspect of games. Tabletop games are social events.

Now, I’ve never been to a vampire LARP. I imagine there were differences in the show. Then again, in all the rpg groups I’ve had, each group played differently even if the system was the same. The hobby is vast and diverse in how we play. There is no one true way to play.


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