RPGaDay: Most recent RPG played

On August 6th, the RPGaDay topic is the rpg I most recently played. On Monday, we continued our campaign of Questers United, a Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition game.


Questers United is the name of the party for our campaign which started in 2008. Over the years, we’ve had changed to the party composition as certain members of the group left us and were replaced by new ones. On Monday, they were finishing a fight against Zaiden, a gnoll leader who wished to wake up a sleeping volcanic dragon to destroy a local kingdom as an offering to Yeenoghu. It was a challenging fight and Zaiden almost woke up the dragon during the fight until Medrash, the dragon blackguard of Bahamut (a paladin with rage issues), used his dad voice and ordered the dragon to calm down and go back to sleep. At the end, the dragon calmly got up and asked who disturbs their lair and Gimrid Glassbane, self-exiled dwarf fighter from a clan of glassworkers, pointed to Zaiden burning up in the lava which the dragon promptly ate the body. Lillyflower, pixie bard wizard’s assistant, sang a draconic lullaby and then the dragon fell into slumber.

This campaign has a strong dragon theme with a minor undead theme. I have a group which is trying to raise the empires of Arkhosia and Bael Turath but as a combined empire known as Bael Arkhos. The three deities which are leading the charge on this are Tiamat, Asmodeus, and Bane. In the background, I have the Ashen Covenant conducting experiments in order to raise Orcus into a deity and replace the Raven Queen. As the campaign advanced, I discovered the faerie courts are getting involved as this is more related to certain new PCs joining in like Bane, the gnome revenant wild mage plus Medrash’s paragon path is being servant to the unicorn lord. I have a white dragon, the Ice Queen, ruling the north with dragonborn barbarians and giants. I placed a link to the Prince of Frost with her.

Several members of Questers United are new souls who escaped the clutches of Ashardhalon. Ashardhalon, a red dragon, consumes all new souls and thus the world adapted by having reincarnation being the new standard. As deities love their champions, some request those souls to enter their real which according to ancient contract, the Raven Queen, must obey. This results in less folks being born every generation and the world is dying. The Raven Queen sent a team to extract new souls from the clutches of Ashardhalon. Gimrid Glassbane and Shyâna, a half-elf ranger sharpshooter circus performer, are two active members of Questers United with such new souls. Old members with new souls are: Eruidite, a tiefling wizard who is master to Lillyflower; Riardon, an eladrin ranger who returned to the Feywild to serve the Summer court; Dhalen, a human paladin of Kord who now acts as pilot of Questers United’s airship. Cuchulain, a deva cleric of the Raven Queen and one of the final active members of Questers United, participated in the mission to free the new souls from Ashardhalon.

I enjoy Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition as it shines for epic combat with set pieces and then works almost seamless for other interactions.


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