RPGaDay: Most recent RPG purchase

On August 5th, the RPGaDay topic is the Most recent RPG purchase. I’m going to separate this into two categories: physical and digital. For physical product, I got The Enlightened Man by Brian Engard. For digital product, I got the Fantasy Frontier Bundle through the Bundle of Holding website.


I bought The Enlightened Man on Free RPG Day at my FLGS, Fandom II. I always buy a product on Free RPG Day to support it and also I know that stores purchase the products given freely and thus it would be rude to go to the store and just grab free stuff. The Enlightened Man is a setting for Spark rpg by Jason Pitre and Fate Core by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Ryan Macklin and Mike Olson. The book was published by Genesis of Legend, a local Ottawa company owned by Jason Pitre. I picked it up as I enjoy superheroes and the Renaissance period which this setting mixes together. Honestly, I haven’t had the time to read it yet. It is a small book though.

For the Fantasy Frontier bundle, it includes the following games: Against the Dark Yogi by Thorin Tabor, Indian fantasy rpg; Castles & Chemo by John J. Gillick, D&D 4th and Pathfinder compatible fantasy adventures set around cancer; City of Clocks by James Knevitt, system neutral industrial fantasy setting; Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra by C.A. Suleiman, Steve Kenson, and Ari Marmell, D&D 3rd compatible adventure set in ancient Egypt inspired setting; Ehdrigohr by Allen Turner, Fate Core setting in indigenous cultures inspired setting; Parsantium: City at the Crossroads by Richard Green, Pathfinder Byzantium inspired fantasy setting; Spears of the Dawn by Kevin Crawford, an African inspired fantasy setting using the Stars Without Number system; Spellbound Kingdoms by Frank Brunner, a Renaissance inspired fantasy rpg; Yggdrasill by Kristoff Valla, Neko, Florent, and Sarah Newton, a Norse inspired fantasy rpg. All of these I haven’t read yet either. I like Bundle of Holding for the wonderful rpg deals and they raise some funds for various charities. I grab bundles which interest me. I bought the Fantasy Frontier bundle because of its worldly nature rather than the Medieval Western setting which most D&D settings are. The world is full of fascinating culture and we should show it in our games.


One thought on “RPGaDay: Most recent RPG purchase

  1. Hope you enjoy reading Parsantium! I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the Fantasy Frontiers bundle – I’d been meaning to buy Hamunaptra and Spears of the Dawn for ages.

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