RPG a Day: Kickstarted game most pleased you backed

On August 2nd, the topic is the kickstarter game I’m most please I’ve backed. Of all the rpgs which I’ve backed, I am most pleased by Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra & Adam Koebel. I’ve only played one-shots of Dungeon World but they’ve all been silly fun.


Dungeon World is a adventure fantasy games powered by the Apocalypse World Engine. You are highly encouraged to improvise during the game. The main character’s decisions shape the story instead of the scenario. The player who takes on the GM role mostly reacts to the other player’s actions and decisions.

Sage Latorra & Adam Koebel write well and codify great GM techniques in plain language. When someone indicates they wish to try the GM role for the first time, I point them towards Dungeon World. When you take the role of GM, you are given clear principles and agendas to guide you in play.

The game encourages describing what your characters and environment does then fight a move which fits. Moves power the game and the classes, monsters, campaign, environments, and etc. have their own moves on top of general moves. When you wish to determine a result, you roll 2d6 and add a modifier (usual from -1 to +2). If you get a result of 10+ then you succeed in an awesome way. If you get a result from 7 to 9 then you succeed at a cost. If you get a result of 6- then you fail and the player with the GM role gets to do a hard move on you (usually bad stuff) and you get 1 XP.

Your PC gains experience in other ways than at failing. If you explore, learn something new to the world, you gain experience. Every PC has bonds to other PCs and you get experience when those get resolved. If you achieve your goal within you alignment then gain experience. When you level up, there is a minor ability score adjustment and you gain a new move from a list. Thus you get more a horizontal expansion of a character rather than a vertical one.

I wish to try Dungeon World as a campaign one day. The game present campaign fronts which can be easily adapted to any other game. They are campaign goals from antagonists with signs when they escalate. It is a simple idea and wonderful to keep track of.

Some local game designers, Richard Dufault and Frank Emanuel, made an Encounter Deck for Dungeon World. You will find in the deck, monsters, traps, locations, etc. Those can be great for a quick inspiration. You can either go through the deck and choose items for a quick reference. Alternatively, you can use it as a deck of cards and flip a card when needed.


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