Order of Saint Seraphin: The Feast

This is the third session of The Order of Saint Seraphin campaign of The Deryni Adventure Game.

The characters of the second session of actual play were:

– Bishop Josiah Blackmane, an itinerant bishop who an eye to sense magic;

– Brom, a famous, charming landless nobleman;

– Iago, an aggressive sailor who chose be a thug for the church rather than go to the dungeon;

– Lady Penelope, a scholarly Deryni noblewoman;

– Terrowin, a sneaky thief with a dark secret;

– Thomas the farmer, a hunter whose family’s farm is church-owned;

– Willem, a secret Deryni lay brother who abandoned his life of crime.

The Order of Saint Seraphin prepared for the evening feast. Brom convinced Lady Bellemar to escort him to the feast. She hesitated due to the rivalry between the D’Ahern and Bellemar families. Brom indicated his intent to reconcile those differences. They dressed and departed to arrive in time for the feast. Iago and Willem spent their preparation by sleeping to recover their strength and heal. Bishop Blackmane wrote his blessing. The player asked how will his composition roll will assist for his future oratory. I told him the composition result will set the minimum his oratory result will ever be. It was a spontaneous house rule which I’m enjoying for Fudge. While it doesn’t give a bonus which is powerful in Fudge, it may help if the later roll is low. While working on his farm, Thomas noticed a stranger on the outskirts and went to investigate. He found Izzy Moran the alchemist gathering herbs. When confronted, Izzy apologized and offered to give Thomas a fresh potion of invisibility. He informed Thomas the potion works only in forests and renders the imbiber invisible to Deryni. Thomas accepted the offer.

At the feast, all the attendants took their seats according to rank with the highest rank seated near the hosts. Lady Penelope had a verbal match against her rival, Lady Bellemar. Brom separated them in the seating order and he attempted to mediate the verbal match. He succeeded in calming the situation and the eloquent Lady Bellemar was the clear winner over the scholarly Lady Penelope. Lady Bellemar excused herself to go refresh herself. The hosts arrived, welcomed everyone and asked Bishop Blackmane to bless this feast. He performed a wonderful blessing, embellishing his composition and brought great honour to the feast. As Lady Bellemar hadn’t returned yet, Brom went looking for her. He found her exiting the lavatory and excusing herself for taking so long.

During the second course (a meal with more than one course pleased Thomas and his wife), Lady Fafne D’Ahern passed out. Bishop Blackmane was one of the first at her side to check what happened. Lady Fafne shows many the symptoms of a Deryni who ingested merasha. Lady Margo Skelden demanded this devil woman out of the feast hall. Lady Bellemar supported Lady Margo’s position claiming she won’t eat food shared with a devil worshipper. Lady Penelope suspected Lady Bellemar of foul play and decided to read her mind from afar. She found a Deryni shield protecting Lady Bellemar’s mind. Lady Bellemar is a Deryni! Bishop Blackmane recommended his group to investigate the matter. Sir Broderick Skelden agreed, he ordered his servants to pick up the dishes, bring them to a side room for the Bishop and his team to investigate and start the third course. Sir Richard picked up his fiance and brought her to a side room to purge her body of the poison.

The Order of Saint Seraphin split up to investigate the matter. Bishop Blackmane and Iago went to Izzy Moran’s waggon to analyze Lady Fafne’s meal and drink. Lady Penelope followed Lady Fafne to take care of her. Willem and Brom stayed in the feast hall to keep an eye on the guests and talk to them. Terrowin and Thomas went to investigate the kitchen.

In the feast hall, Willem opened mental communication with Lady Penelope. He described the events and seek her counsel. Lady Bellemar and Margo started a discussion on the evils of the Deryni. Willem and Brom tried to appease the situation but tension increased. They learned Lady Margo is highly religious and despises Deryni. Considering they suspect Lady Margo is a Deryni, this surprised them.

In the kitchen, Thomas and Terrowin worked together to look for clues. I asked one to be primary and the other to be a supporter. The supporter rolled first and set the minimum result the primary can get. The primary rolls and will never get lower than what his supporter have. I’m not too fond of this technique for group checks. It is basically a take the highest roll amongst the group and ignore the rest. I’d like the results for the rest of the group to influence the overall result. They found a empty vial with traces of a liquid. They met with a servant responsible for Lady Fafne’s drink, Alys. Lady Penelope assisted in interrogating Alys with her truth sense. They discovered that Alys was ordered to put the drug into Lady Fafne’s cup and then forget it happened. They considered to make her remember and decided not to let her live with that torment of what she did. Considering Lady Bellemar is the only Deryni they know who could have done this, Thomas went to the lavatory to see if she went. He discovered that she only entered the door and stayed briefly. Terrowin brought the vial to the Bishop.

With the help of Izzy Moran, Bishop Blackmane discovered the drug used is from a rare plant found in the Forbidden Forest. The drug has very similar effect to merasha on Deryni but this drug affects anyone. Someone wanted to make it appear that Lady Fafne is a Deryni. With this information, they informed Sir Broderick who suspected Lurika the Soul-Stealer. He tasked the Order to bring Lurika to justice once and for all. The feast ended and everyone retired for the night.

What shall the Order of Saint Seraphin find in the forest? What are Lurika’s goals? How does Lady Leallia Bellemar fit into this situation?


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