Order of Saint Seraphin: The Missing Heirloom part 2

This is the second session of The Order of Saint Seraphin campaign of The Deryni Adventure Game .

The characters of the second session of actual play were:

– Bishop Josiah Blackmane, an itinerant bishop who an eye to sense magic;

– Brom, a famous, charming landless nobleman;

– Iago, an aggressive sailor who chose be a thug for the church rather than go to the dungeon;

– Thomas the farmer, a hunter whose family’s farm is church-owned;

– Willem, a secret Deryni lay brother who abandoned his life of crime.

The Order of Saint Seraphin interrogated the bandit leader. He told them Madame Millicent hired to get the ring. He never asked why since the pay was good. She did insist on discretion which he found it curious but never dwelled on it. Madame Millicent is owner of the brothel “House of Pleasures”. They returned to the Skelden estate with the bandits and goat.

After handing the bandits to the local reeve, the Order decided to split up. Bishop Blackmane, Brom and Iago would go to Madame Millicent’s House of Pleasures. Thomas and Willem would figure out how to get the ring out of the goat. Bishop Blackmane gave Willem the purgative which was of good quality.

Thomas and Willem tried the purgative first. Being the goat’s complex digestive system, I assigned a difficulty of Superb. Thomas’s player rolled a +4 which meant the purgative had a beyond superb effect on the goat. After a few hours, they found the ring in the goat’s excrement. Willem sensed the ring being magical. He received a vision of a glade in the forbidden forest where a tree stump has a Deryni portal. The ring conveyed enough information to find their way to the glade. Through subtle investigation, they discovered the ring belonged to Lady Margo, mother of Sir Richard Skelden. This implied her family had Deryni heritage. Thomas returned the goat to the kid and returned to his farm. After a good night’s rest, Willem tried to return the ring to Lady Fafne and found her talking to Lady Margo!

Before arriving to Madam Millicent’s House of Pleasures, they decided Brom would go in alone. This proved fruitful for the group. Bishop Blackmane was preachy to Madame Millicent when questioning about her goals. He accused her of her establishment sins. From a mechanical perspective, he botched his persuasion check. Madame Millicent kicked Bishop Blackmane and Iago out of her establishment. They left to go back to the Skelden estate. Brom got a room as a client learned a few things while discussing with Ayleth, his escort for the night. He confirmed Madame Millicent had dealings with the bandits to get the ring. Ayleth suspected Madame Millicent wished to upset the relationship between the Skelden and D’ahern families for some unknown patron. In the morning, Brom goes to Lady Bellemar’s estate in the hopes to invite her to the feast.

Bishop Blackmane and Iago had to make camp before it got dark. Being Lazy, Bishop Blackmane ordered Iago to maintain watch while he slept. It was a pleasant night with the only disturbance was an early traveller. Iago kicked Bishop Blackmane awake to greet the traveller. He grudgingly woke up as the traveller stopped. Sir Richard Skelden introduced himself indicating he was returning home after his business in Rhemuth. He was happy to return to see his new fiancé. Bishop Blackmane indicated he was heading there to preside over the feast. Richard offered to his horse to the Bishop and to escort them. Blackmane politely refused and urged Richard to his fiancé. He thanked them and left on his horse at a gallop. Iago glowered at Blackmane.

Willem approached Lady Fafne and Margo. Lady Margo reacted to him as being a lowly servant interrupting their conversation. He admitted to being under the service of Bishop Blackmane for the feast tonight. He wished to learn more about Lady Fafne so Bishop Blackmane can properly bless the engagement. While chatting, he managed some slight of hand to return the ring to Lady Fafne. Sir Richard arrived in the castle just moments later.

With the missing heirloom returned, the group would prepare to attend the feast. They also indicated their plan to check into the Deryni portal suspecting it would lead to Lurika.

This session was a fun use of several characters’ faults. I enjoyed presenting the idea that Lady Margo’s family could be Deryni which becomes more complex in the next session.


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