Do Encounters: End of the pilgrimage

For the D&D Encounters program, our group saw the return of six players (including me). We played Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple  by Daniel Solis. Our plan was to end our pilgrimage as the next week (February 6th, 2013) is the start of the new D&D Encounters season.

The maximum number of players for Do is five and we had six players. We decided to try it out. Realizing that we might lose out on stone, I stated the following house rule: If a player cannot draw three stones from the bag then we check for the ending result. Luckily, we did not need to invoke that rule. We got a parade ending.

We selected the letter from Sil da goblin who needed help with adventurers and they stolen money. There were 20 goal words in this letter. A fun letter to end a pilgrimage before going back to D&D.

The pilgrims involved were:

  • Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger (played by Jeff) who was previously Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope;
  • Pilgrim Shiny Crayon who was previously Shiny Diamond;
  • Pilgrim Loud Explosives who was previously Random Explosives;
  • Pilgrim Generous Singer (played by myself) who was previously Pilgrim Generous Runner;
  • Pilgrim Tasty Whistle who was previously Pilgrim Tasty Blanket;
  • Pilgrim Ornate Plant who was previously Pilgrim Green Plant.

The story was fun and action packed. The player of Pilgrim Shiny Crayon noted we developed a testosterone and violence heavy story. I agreed with her. This wasn’t a light story and heavily relied on power and combat. We managed a better pacing of the story. If we continued to play, I can see further improvements. At the parade section of the story, the player of Pilgrim Loud Explosives initially introduced elements to the story which hadn’t appeared and weren’t connected to the narrative. Several players mentioned it to him and he changed his contribution to something which worked with the narrative.

I enjoy Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. I bought the supplement, Do: The Book of Letters, and I would play it again if given the chance. I love the creation of the narrative as a group. Several folks gave elements to build up the story. I haven’t experienced a pitchfork ending yet.

Here’s the last story. What do you think of it?

Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger enters the dungeon with the rest of the pilgrims and orders Sergei the tiger to sniff out Sil da goblin. While following Sergei, Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger finds a trail of copper pieces which he collects bringing him away from the group and lost. Pilgrim Generous Singer encounters Grob da ork who is miserable and hungry, so  Pilgrim Generous Singer teaches him a happy song to take Grob’s mind off things. While Grob da ork hums his newly learned tune,  Pilgrim Generous Singer gives the hungry ork all of the food not leaving enough for the rest of the group. Pilgrim Ornate Plant pulls a branch from a cave tree and forms a new “magic stick.” Pilgrim Ornate Plant tries to teach Sil da Goblin to become as new shaman with the magic stick but the details go over Sil’s head. Pilgrim Shiny Crayon decides to take on the role of character artist and works with the goblins to create wanted posters of the murderous elf and dwarf adventurers.  Pilgrim Shiny Crayon makes a beautiful rendering of the male elf and his beauty makes her question going against the adventurers. Pilgrim Loud Explosives takes a wrong turn and cries for help to find his way back but attracts the attention of the hungry troll instead. Realizing that some of his friends had gone missing, Pilgrim Tasty Whistle blew three times on his whistle to help pilgrims Hoarder Tiger and Pilgrim Loud Explosives find their way back to the group, and hopefully clear Pilgrim Shiny Crayon and Sil da goblin’s minds.

Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger hears a loud blast from a whistle three times and realizes that he lost the rest of the group, so he follows the whistle’s sound.  Pilgrim Generous Singer comes up with the idea to give Grob da ork the title of chief, but this causes a riot between the goblins.  Pilgrim Ornate Plant adds a flower to the magic stick that lets the user know how to use it and not require explanation.  Pilgrim Shiny Crayon wanders off in search of the pretty elf, finds him and leads the adventurers back to the dungeon. Pilgrim Loud Explosives  sees the troll and runs away screaming towards the group, leading the salivating troll towards the delicious-looking Sil da Goblin.  Pilgrim Tasty Whistle procures the copper pieces from Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger’s pockets, discovers they are chocolate and starts eating the treasure in front of the troll’s eyes.

A fight between Pilgrim Tasty Whistle and Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger breaks out over the chocolate copper pieces. Seeing that the goblins were angry about their newly found chief,  Pilgrim Generous Singer decides to give all the goblins the title chief causing a political storm.  Pilgrim Ornate Plant devises a complex political system which splits the goblin chiefs and causes a civil war.  Pilgrim Shiny Crayon and the adventurers arrive amidst the chaos, entering the fray, she gets distracted by the dwarf’s moves and gets hit by the hammer. Caught up in the excitement, Pilgrim Loud Explosives calls out Grob da ork and challenges him to a duel. Searching around frantically for MORE! CHOCOLATE!,  Pilgrim Tasty Whistle’s eyes locked onto the dwarf’s sack of stolen coins; grabbing the sack and pulling it away, he causes the dwarf to trip and fall in front of the troll and the coins scattered amongst the crowd.

Realizing that this fight was going no where, Sergei pulls Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger away by grabbing his collar with his jaws. Following  Pilgrim Tasty Whistle’s lead,  Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger starts looking through the dwarf’s backpack, taking whatever looks interesting and grabbing the angry dwarf’s attention. Pilgrim Generous Singer distributed the treasure to everyone who love the ability to buy food in the future or a quick chocolatey snack. Pilgrim Ornate Plant’s political system first caused chaos but quickly brought a strong leader for the goblin tribe. Waking to a scene infinitely  more peaceful,  Pilgrim Shiny Crayon completes her portrait of the elf and hangs it in the temple, where the elf will now be living, like it or not! The goblins show their gratitude by putting on a firework show. Curious,  Pilgrim Tasty Whistle waved the original magic stick that he found in the dwarf’s sack at the troll and flowers bloomed all over him; realizing that trolls belong in the “fruits and vegetables” part of the food pyramid, the hungry goblins prepared a salad and named it the “Whistle Salad” in Pilgrim Tasty Whistle’s honour. Avoiding the dwarf’s punches aimed at  Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger’s face, he calls out for help from Sergei. Sergei chomps down on the dwarf and eats him,  Pilgrim Hoarder Tiger keeps all the dwarf’s stuff.

Pilgrim Manipulative Singer returns to the temple teaching songs to help and find stuff. Pilgrim Mural Plant departed from the temple, traveling the worlds to ensure harmony across their residents. Pilgrim Colourful Explosives leaves the temple and opens a fireworks shop. Pilgrim Tasty Whistle, having broken his addiction to sugar, became Pilgrim Sleepy Whistle (due to his lack of energy), and traveled the world as a health food advocate and professional troll pruner. After experiencing the rash violence of too many males in one room, Pilgrim Shiny Crayon became Pilgrim Cuddly Crayon and took up residence as the temple artist, designing adventure brochures and advocating for love to bring even more beauty to the world. Pilgrim Hoarder Librarian opens a museum in the temple, teaching new pilgrims about the world. Every thing that  Pilgrim Hoarder Librarian collected or stole is proudly displayed. He and Sergei live happily ever after.


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