Do Encounters: The singer, the dress and the duck

For the D&D Encounters program, our group saw the return of four players (including me) and an increase of four players for a total of eight. We split into two tables. Three of them played Fiasco using the Dragon Slayers playset. The remaining five (including me) played Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple by Daniel Solis. We had two new players for Do who quickly made characters.

We selected the letter from Professor Culverton Soames who needed help to resolve a political situation and the life of his friend, Haracca. There were 20 goal words in this letter.

The pilgrims involved were:

  • Pilgrim Hoard Telescope (played by Jeff) who was previous Pilgrim Hoarder Slingshot;
  • Pilgrim Shiny Diamond who was new;
  • Pilgrim Random Explosives who was new;
  • Pilgrim Generous Runner (played by myself) who was Pilgrim Loving Runner;
  • Pilgrim Tasty Blanket who was Pilgrim Tasty Clock.

The letter was more involved and we were close to getting a pitchfork ending. We managed to get a parades ending and it required some pilgrims to get into trouble. Some returning players found a better appreciation to the game and seeing the developing story. I saw an improved in the storytelling but we need to improve how we wrap up the story.

I plan to continue the pilgrimage of my character.

Here’s the new story. What do you think of it?

Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope (played by Jeff) asks Professor Culverton Soames for a document of the Chrelm’s holy law then flips his telescope backwards using it as a magnifying glass examining the document. After analyzing the document, Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope takes the holy law and puts it in his pocket causing sacrilege. Pilgrim Shiny Diamond creates a new performance outfit for Haracca. Losing count on how many sequins she put on the singer’s dress causing it to light up like a supernova disco ball. Pilgrim Random Explosives arrives at Dravosburg with a duck to help but finds out it is a taboo to the Chrelm. Pilgrim Generous Runner (played by myself) runs quickly to Haracca’s dorm to get the sheet of music composed to help. He then mistakenly gives it ton High Priest Acceba. Pilgrim Tasty Blanket walked to the University of Dravosburg and met with Professor Culverton Soames and Haracca; throwing his blanket over their heads, the three left the University so that Dean Harpold could truthfully claim not to be harboring them.

Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope sneaks out of the University by hitching a ride under Pilgrim Tasty Blanket’s blanket. Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope starts stuffing the blanket in his pocket causing the wanted men to be revealed to Union Leader Secha. Pilgrim Shiny Diamond gets carried away with the wonderful sequins. She bedazzles the room which attracts the University of Dravosburg security who have come to taker her away. Pilgrim Random Explosives tries to defend himself but the words used happen to be the lyrics of a Chrelm song used at the wrong time. Pilgrim Generous Runner informs the Chrelm that Acceba has blasphemous writings which he can get rid of obtaining the Chrelm’s help. While running to Professor Culverton Soames, Pilgrim Generous Runner trips, hurts himself and foolishly gives the music sheets to kids to finish the journey. Thinking quickly, Pilgrim Tasty Blanket ties a corner of his magic blanket to each of them, and as the wind filled the blanket, it carried them away, depositing them on the deck of a windship in the middle of the startled windship captains! Professor Culverton Soames notices the meeting’s plates of cultural delicacies and points it out to Pilgrim Tasty Blanket who starts gorging on the culinary delights.

Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope heads towards the coat check gathering a collection of coats to use as disguises. Meanwhile, Pilgrim Shiny Diamond reacts quickly, raising all the window shades; while security is blinded by the reflections, she bolts from the room. Looking back, she was distracted by the shiny and ran headfirst into Dean Harpold. Pilgrim Random Explosives’s duck says “Thanks for the ride” and flies away. Tracking down the kids, Pilgrim Generous Runner finds where they stashed the sheet music. Pilgrim Tasty Blanket shares the delight with Haracca who stuffs himself unable to sing for now…

While Haracca, Professor Culverton Soames and Pilgrim Tasty Blanket put on their disguises, Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope uses his telescope to look out for any trouble, he sees Union Leader Secha marching towards them. While reviewing Professor Culverton Soames’s disguise, Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope takes key items which reveals the professor’s true nature. Dead Harpold brings Pilgrim Shiny Diamond to the Chrelm in the hopes of a future exchange for Haracca, she gets distracted by the beautiful tie clip of the Dean forgetting the dress. Due to Pilgrim Random Explosives’s bad luck, a localized indoor lightning storm shocks High Priest Acceba in front of the faithful who blame  Pilgrim Random Explosives.  Pilgrim Random Explosives sees this as a good time to explode things, make a door and goes home.

Pilgrim Hoarder Telescope asks the captains to sail his friends and him to international waters, so they can be safe from persecution. The Chrelm are in awe while Pilgrim Shiny Diamond’s dress and many of the females send her off with requests for their own. When Pilgrim Random Explosives got home, the duck was waiting with a sandwich. Pilgrim Generous Runner arrives at the ship in international waters with the sheet music and they have a musical dance number. The windship captains were willing to forgive and forget about their lost pastries when Pilgrim Tasty Blanket offered to show them how he gathers wind into his blanket, so they could improve their sailing speed.


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