Do Encounters

The D&D Encounters program is a fun and short regular program. I’ve been participating since the first season with either DMing or lending a hand in the logistical organization. Fandom II sponsors us and we play at the University of Ottawa Jock Turcot University Centre room 215 on Wednesdays from 6PM until 9PM. The University of Ottawa Gaming Club provides the room for us.

Currently, there is a large break between seasons for the month of January. In order to maintain the momentum, I brought some quick and easy games. On Wednesday, January 9th, we played Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple by Daniel Solis. It is a fun, whimsical cooperative storytelling game. You play pilgrims of this temple that travels across the cosmos. You get letters asking for help and your characters interfere. Whether you manage to help or hinder depends on your draw of stones and you achieve the goals before the timer runs own.

Character creation is simple. You name your pilgrim and then dissect the name to get how your pilgrim helps people and how your character gets into trouble. For example, my character, Pilgrim Loving Runner gets into trouble by falling in love at the wrong time and helps folks by running quickly to get useful stuff.

Initial set-up means selecting a letter which has a series of goal words. We chose the letter from the quick-start game. You must use all the goal words before a player draws a total of 8 stones or more. If you are successful then you helped and resolved the author of the letter. If you failed then you interfered and get rudely kicked out. The letter from Melanie whose house was swallowed by a whale has 10 goal words.

On your turn, you draw 3 stones from a bag with black and white stones. You keep stones of one colour and thus, you can have from 0 to 3 stones per turn. Based on the number of stones kept and if you are in trouble or not, you may use from 0 to 2 goal words per turn. We were 4 players. For our letter, we had to get all 10 goal words within 9 turns if everyone kept 3 stones per turn. This letter is a game introduction and relatively easy. We succeeded in freeing Melanie’s world from the whale.

We talked about continuing our character’s pilgrimage until the new season of D&D Encounters starts.  I’m going to photocopy some letters from my book and we’ll choose a new letter.

I leave you with our story created by our first game. Each turn is around 1-2 sentences. The story is crude and simplistic but fun. Please let me know what you think of it.

Pilgrim Loving Runner runs quickly to get the cat some food. Loving Runner fell in love with the cat hugging it so tightly, it broke free from his grip and ran up the tree. Pilgrim Tasty Clock wound the minute hand of his clock to twelve, causing the bird to pop out and entice Melanie’s cat out of the tree. Tasty Clock notices the cookies in the tree, climbs up and gets stuck. Pilgrim Hoarder Slingshot enters the house, grabs a bunch of useful things and then gets stuck in the doorway out. Stuck in the doorway, Hoarder Slingshot hears the roar of the whale and unpacks the silverware in his pockets making it small enough to move through the door. Pilgrim Green Plant grew the other cookie tree and blossomed it which tickled the whale by the indigestible leaves.

Pilgrim Loving Runner quickly enters the house through the window, gets the catnip and gives it to the cat. However, at that very moment, he heard the keening song of the whale and found himself in love… and into a stupor. Unable to resist the chocolate chip bounty before him, Pilgrim Tasty Clock devoured as many cookies as he could, growing in size until the branch he was sitting on broke, and he landed with a bounce. Pilgrim Hoarder Slingshot loads his slingshot with knives, forks and spoons, aiming for the whale’s uvula and taking a shot, opening the whale’s mouth. Hoarder Slingshot gathers all the fallen cookies which angers Melanie because she wanted to share. Due to his inexperience with whales of this size, Pilgrim Green Plant orders the what to eat more than it should and thus stuffing the area. However, the whale decided that it ate too much and expelled the small planet.

Pilgrim Loving Runner gets appreciated by the cuddling and purring of the cat. Grateful for his help getting the cat down from the tree, Melanie gives Pilgrim Tasty Clock a bushel basket of cookies (but just one). Melanie forgives Pilgrim Hoarder Slingshot for taking all her cookies because more will always grow. Pilgrim Green Plant get the thanks of the whale who realized the error of its ways.

This post was written for the second annual New Year, New Game blog carnival hosted by Gnome Stew as part of the 2013 New Year, New Game challenge.


5 thoughts on “Do Encounters

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  2. Rock on! Do is a game I’d love to try, and your description makes it sound even more appealing. Slotting it in during what would normally be a D&D Encounters session is a great idea.

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