Ottawa Geek Market

The Ottawa community held its first Geek Market on Sunday, October 14, 2012. I attended the event in the morning and it was a great experience.

What is the Ottawa Geek Market? It is a flea market dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi, gaming and other pop culture subjects. There were an assortment of vendors from artists to stores selling their wares. The entrance fee was $5 and all proceeds went to the Make a Wish organization of Eastern Ontario. There was several folks in the area in costumes mostly of Star Wars theme due to the presence of the 501st Legion and several Klingons due to the presence of IKCB Dragon Fire.

I bought for myself some good stuff. I bought the two anthology books “When the Hero Comes Home” and “When the Villain Comes Home” edited by Gabrielle Harbowy & Ed Greenwood. I heard of the first anthology on the Jennisodes podcast. Marie Bilodeau, one of the authors, sold the book to me and she signed her story for me. She was nice to meet and talk to and I look forward to read her work.

I bought a copy of the board game, Dixit. I was intrigued by the game even since I saw it on the show Tabletop. It is an intriguing association game where knowing your friends both helps and hinders you. The art on the cards are beautiful and inspiring. You could just use the cards to create a story hook for a rpg adventure.

I got some novelty items like a Zatanna bookmark from Geek Charming and two fake IDs. The fake IDs are by Fun Cards Ottawa. I got the Tournament Knight Permit and Pirates Permit to Plunder.

Brenda got a signed copy of “Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies” by Victoria Dunn. She enjoyed the book when she borrowed it from the library. Victoria Dunn was a nice author to meet with a good sense of humour. Brenda talked to me about the book and I’ll have to read it since the little she told me gave me some ideas for a rpg scenario. Brenda was happy when she found 2 books from “The Kindaichi Case Files” manga series. She loves that series of mystery manga and she is always on the lookout to complete her collection. If you know a place where sells books from that series, please let me know.

Did you attend the Ottawa Geek Market? If so, how was it for you? Do you have a similar event in your area?


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