My first GenCon: Thursday

I’m having fun these past few days and getting late to post. I am including my activities on Wednesday evening in this post.

Brenda & I went to Scotty’s Brewhouse for some thematic food. Brenda ate some Castle Walls and I ate Haunch-o-Nightmare. I asked for the mild version but it was way to spicy for my taste buds. They changed it for BBQ sauce which was much better. Scotty’s Brewhouse has great service. Afterwards, I went to the BYOG organize by Phil Ménard and Dave Chalker of Critical Hits. I met some folk and played Marvel Heroic RPG run by Brian A. Liberge of Stuffer Shack. It was my 3rd time playing Marvel Heroic rpg. Since others were playing X-Men, I chose Wolverine. I find it amazing that the game captures the feel of the characters so well. I met with @wastexgames and laughed that we had met at the airport without knowing that we did.


I lost track of days and missed the RPGchat meet-up. Brenda & I observed the opening ceremonies with another new GenCon attendee. There are decent amount of folks who have attended GenCon for decades, including one who attended it for 45 years! Yes, he was there at the first GenCon! After the first official die roll, the Exhibitor’s Hall opened up. We entered the area and visited. We bought the official GenCon dice set. I visited the Wizards of the Coast booth to start our dice hunt. There was statues of Drizz’t and Lolth:



In the board game area, there was a statue of an angel warrior:



In the hallway, we saw a Lego Robo Rally game with remote control robots. It is very cool to see.


I went to the GM’s workshop. It was very instructive and gave me some ideas for my games. I bought the Civil War Essentials Event Book for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and the Leverage RPG. I got both signed by the present designer, editor & art director.


I ended my day with a wonderful Robo Rally game with a beautiful 3D board. Check it out:


20120817-235210.jpg. I was Zoom Bot. After 3 rounds, my robot finally became real:


At one point, I had 2 locked registers and in a precarious position.



I lived and found a hiding spot to power down.


I was 2nd out of 5 players to reach the first of 3 flags.

I was 1st to arrive at the 2nd flag.

The DM designed some elevators for the game.
Flour 1:

Floor 2:

Top floor:

I can see the last flag. It is a tough one to get.
Uh oh. What’s this?

20120818-000608.jpg Competition to the flag. I better hurry.
Crap. I got pushed out of the way.

Woohoo! I won my place back.

I finally got a move 3 card but I had the wrong turn card. I couldn’t use any of them.


I got pushed out of the way and fell. James Rapinac won the game.
This is the final board position and a picture of the proud winner:


I’m glad that I managed to get up there first. I spent so long up there, waiting for the one card to bring me up. I am glad that I didn’t die the whole game. I enjoyed myself. Congratulations to James!

That was my Thursday. A great first day of GenCon!


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