My first GenCon: Wednesday

This is my first GenCon and I decided to try to blog my experience. We had an early flight from Ottawa and woke up at 1:30AM. The airport suggested that we get there around 2-3 hours before our flight. We settled on 2.5 hours before. We get there and the airline isn’t ready for us. At least we were first in line. Security went well but slow due to waiting for the workers to start. We met up with a Tom McCambley (@OttawaTom) who is also going to GenCon.

We had a safe flight to Chicago. I met Liz (@d20Blonde), the hostess & founder of #RPGChat. It was nice to meet her. She was on the same flight to Indianapolis. Another safe flight and we arrived in Indianapolis! Yay! GenCon!!! After getting our checked-in bag, we met Liz, Phil Menard (@chattyDM) of and Trevor Kidd (@trevor_wotc) the community manager of WotC. It was a nice and short meet. We wanted to get to GenCon to get our badges & book into our hotel.

We took the green line bus. It was easy and dropped us off at the convention center. We stood in line to get our badge. The line went smoothly. It didn’t take us long to get our badges.


We walked from the convention center to our hotel. The Hampton Inn Downtown is very close. We had a small problem getting into our room. The lock’s battery was dying and our cards didn’t work. The staff were kind and opened our room and sent maintenance to fix the lock. We went to have lunch at Steak ‘n Shake where we saw some Ottawa friends who drove to Indianapolis (they were brave).

After a quick steak burger, we went on a walk around to see some sights. There are some nice sculptures and monuments near theconvention center.





As I write this, we are going to Scotty’s Brewhouse for some thematic food.


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