Ood Tau: Part 2

In part one, I described the villainous Ood Tau. In this article, I describe the allies and servants of Ood Tau. There is Hades the robotic servant, Idowu Sams the historian slaver and the Oodlings.

Hades is Ood Tau’s hand across time and space. It is a robotic servant built by Ood Tau in different time periods. As Ood Tau cannot physically interact with the past for long, he constructed a robot to complete his tasks in the past. The Doctor and his companions can meet up with a different version of Hades each time. Ood Tau built Hades in a modular fashion to facilitate adaptation to his plans. Hades is a perfectionist and secretive with no emotional attachments other than to serve Ood Tau. It requires someone with the mechanical knowledge to maintain him which its creator has. Hades does have access to Ood Tau’s plan but there are locks in his memory preventing Hades to access the plan during certain time periods.

Awareness 3 Coordination 2 Ingenuity 3
Presence 2 Resolve 4 Strength 5
Armour – Hades metal plates gives 5 points of protection.
Natural Weapons – Hades is equipped with an assortment of tools that do nasty damage when used in a fight. Those tools gives Hades +2 to Strength when determining damage.
Technically Adept – Hades knows advanced technical subjects that he can use to repair.
Skills: Athletics 2, Fighting 2, Science 2, Technology 5, Transport 1
Story Points: 4

Idowu Sams is Ood Tau’s researcher. He is a human historian from the from 42nd century. His speciality is the history of slavery. While at university, he sought funding for some live studies of slavery which sparked great controversy. The university refused and fired him as a professor. He wondered about the human empire and joined the Interstellar Slaver Ring (ISR). From the ISR, he learned of Ood Operations and the treatment of the Ood. He headed towards the Ood sphere to study Ood servitude. While on the Ood sphere, Idowu met Ood Tau. He introduced himself as a historian and found Ood Tau was also fascinated with the history of slavery. After a few weeks of work on the Ood Sphere, Ood Tau revealed  his ability to project his mind across time and space. Idowu saw the opportunity to fund his project by manipulating the past of his ancestors to increase his profits. He offered an alliance with Ood Tau to provide research into key historical events in order for Ood Tau to manipulate the past in order to achieve both of their goals. He is currently raising his position within the Interstellar Slaver Ring.

Idowu Sams
Awareness 3 Coordination 2 Ingenuity 4
Presence 3 Resolve 4 Strength 2
Skills:Knowledge (History) 4, Science 3, Subterfuge 2, Technology 2, Transport 1
Story Points: 4

Ood Tau created the Oodlings to be his agents within his current time period. The Oodlings are severed hind-brains inserted in a spherical cybernetic body with mechanical tentacle appendages. They use an anti-gravitic propulsion system to manoeuvre in the air like octopus does in the Earth oceans. As the hind-brain is the Ood memory and emotions processor, the Oodlings has strong empathic abilities and can trigger strong emotional memories as an attack. One of Ood Tau’s favourite Oodlings is the one that contains his father’s hind-brain. His father’s Oodling acts as a squad leader for Oodling missions.

Awareness 3 Coordination 4 Ingenuity 3
Presence 1 Resolve 3 Strength 1
Addition Limbs – The Oodlings have multiple prehensile tentacles that can be used to grab and manipulate.
Empathic – The Oodlings can sense and project emotional states. They gain a +2 bonus to rolls to discern and manipulate the feelings or motives of someone.
Fear Factor (1) – Gains a +2 actively scare.
Fast (Minor) – The Oodlings are very fast with a speed of 6.
Flight (Major) – Using anti-gravitic propulsion, the Oodlings fly.
Networked (Minor) – The Oodlings report directly to Ood Tau
Small – The Oodlings are small that they can fit in small openings.
Skills: Athletics 3, Fighting 3, Subterfuge 4, Technology 5
Story Points: 1

What do you think of Ood Tau’s servants and allies? How do you work on your villains for your rpg campaigns?


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